Regular Buttons 1 Inch 1.5 Inch Acetate Buttons 1 Inch 1.5 Inch
Black & White 20¢ per button 25¢ per button Black & White 25¢ per button 30¢ per button
Color 25¢ per button 30¢ per button Color 30¢ per button 35¢ per button

Minimum order of $5 per design with a $15 total minimum order.
All prices include standard USPS shipping to the U.S.
Foreign orders add $10 per 100 buttons and $5 for each additional 100 buttons.
If you need your buttons faster, e-mail about expedite shipping.

Colored Paper:

If you have a black and white design and would like colored paper, choose from the color grid below. Colored paper is available to you at no additional cost. There is a minimum of 25 buttons per color of paper. When ordering, order paper by color number.


Want something unique? Try acetate paper to make your buttons shine. Buttons are printed on clear paper and anything in your design that is white will be clear with the metal showing through on the final button. This process works best with black and white designs, but it will also work with color just fine.