Artwork Information:

If you have any questions about artwork or want us to take a look at it, do not hesitate to e-mail

Click image below to download templete for 1″ button.

Click image below to download templete for 1.5″ button.

First Time Graphic Designers:

Hey, don’t worry if you have never designed a button. We can work with about 95% of images we get.
When in doubt, make your image BIG! We can always shrink something down, but we can’t always blow something up (think pixelated Atari graphics).
There is a JPG template that almost any graphics program can use. Just be sure to take your design all the way to the outer edge of the button and erase the center circle before you send it in.
If you don’t want to use a template, don’t worry about it. Just send over what you have to and we can let you know if we can use it.
If you have a font you like for your band name, just let us know the name and the color scheme and we can set it up for you.
We can accept hand-drawn or printed images. If you would like, you can mail what you would like in with your order to:
ThinkTwice Buttons
2759 4th Ave
Huntington, WV 25702 USA
If all this is still confusing, just e-mail us. We can make something work for you that you will be happy with.

Experienced Graphic Designers:

Keep all artwork for the button face in the center circle. Be sure to take any background or image color to the edge of the “Outside Guides.”
Do not flatten the template to your image. Feel free to turn off the “Center Guides.”
Be sure to save your image in RGB mode at 300 dpi. We prefer .PSD files, but .TIFF, .JPG, .EPS, etc will work fine as well.
If you prefer to use the JPG template, be sure to erase the center guides before you finish your image.

Tips for Everyone Designing Buttons:

Keep your design simple, especially for 1 inch buttons. Due to the size of 1 inch buttons, the less fine lines you use and super small text, the better. If something won’t show up well on your buttons, we will contact you before we make them. Feel free to e-mail any button images to and we can look it over before you order.
Using good color contrast is advised. Sometimes if you use black and navy blue, they kind of blend together. This can also happen with really dark reds and black. Just think of colors that are very different. Red and white, yellow and blue, green and black, etc. Look at our customers buttons to see examples of good color combos that show up well.
Black and white designs look the best on acetate buttons. Anything that is white will be the metal part in the button design.